Underwear trader

Three lads in Spain (Andy, Billy and Alejandro), passionate about underwear and football kit, set up a website to sell their used sports gear and underwear. They posed in all that they sold and made some great quality bulge photos available. The site was forced to close in early 2011.

They still trade in new underwear at their underweartrader website but don't tend to pose in the gear quite so much, so we are grateful to have caught these images from their earlier days.

Update July 2013

We are sad to report that the underweartrader website has been forced to close for personal reasons. If you are interested then click on the link and drop Andy a line (their bulge images will continue to live on at our gallery for years to come - thanks guys!).

Update January 2016

When last we checked the domain has now been taken over by Ann Summers, though their Flickr photostream still has a few pictures from their trading days.