Building this site : January 2013

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After assessing numerous photography gallery applications (Gallery3, Coppermine and Piwigo to name but a few) we settled on ZenPhoto to drive our bulge gallery. It was a close run thing and although Piwigo deserves a mention as a worthy 'runner up', Zen Photo seemed that bit more 'industrial' and able to cope with the demands of a large collection.

Both applications seemed relatively easy to 'theme' and customise without too much knowledge of HTML or CSS, though a grounding in both is recommended if you are going to start tinkering 'under the hood' (as it were).

Site development

We decided from the outset that this archive was to be:

  • Uncluttered design
  • Advert-free
  • Easy to navigate

We wanted to give priority to the images - it is effectively a photo gallery after all.  That said, adding all the images is (ironically) one of the last things to be done!

Before we could begin to think about uploading stuff there was much work to be done in designing and laying out the site, though this was made easier by templates available in Zenphoto.  We tried to make sure the navigation is relatively intuitive so things can be found quickly though the use of well thought out tags certainly helps.