Hacked off big time! :: August 2014

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Hackers brought us to our knees

For all of you returning visitors that are wondering why the site looks a bit different, well - it would seem we were hacked! The site became 'well-hung' and the photo galleries failed to load. It was embarassing!

...but we're back

It took us a day, but thankfully we are back online. In a sense it has done as a favour as, although we were growing in popularity with over 200 hits every day, the site was a year and a half old. So we have taken the opportunity for a bit of a makeover and reinvention.

We are working towards re-instating all the old functionality (especially the reponsive layout for easier viewing enjoyment on mobiles/tablets), but for now are just grateful to have our galleries back on the web.

Thanks for your patience fellas: 'wearwolfie'