Populating the gallery : February 2013

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February 2013

We begin to populate the gallery starting with a few of our own photos, then moving to the collection of pictures of amateur guys we had captured from the older auction and advert sites like UsedFetish and GayBids. All photos were tagged to make them easier to find... this also made it easier to spot duplicates!

We then added some more personal pics and continued to expand the galleries of web-sourced images such as TrackiesFootball (UK) and Football (USA) shots.  Having a selection of galleries in place made it a lot easier to revisit the site layout and further simplify the design.

On Feb 25th the site is opened as a beta release but not widely publicised. This allowed for testing on various platforms (at work #naughty) and on smartphones etc.

This has highlighted a couple of problem areas:

  1. The user registration sequence doesnt function as planned so for the time being is disabled (it means none of the more 'adult' content is available at the moment).
  2. The contact form has a few errors but as it essentially still works we went ahead anyway.

 These two issues will be worked on asap and updates announced here.

Remember when?

We got all nostalgic browsing and tagging the collection of Used Fetish pics from those early internet days when images were that much smaller and quite grainy by today's standards.