Useful Links

Here are some links that we have found useful or interesting - you might do too!

Blogs we like:

Other undies/bulge photo galleries:

  1. Briefsmania. A site for guys who love men's brief style of underwear. Ability to register to create your own profile, communicate with like-minded guys and add your own self-pic photo galleries.
  2. Oakleigh Lads. A great collection of frequently updated pics of young next-door-type lads showing off in their underwear and less. Clean site design and advert-free with no charges this site is a must for all bulge fans who like to see that little bit more. 
  3. SpandeXXX 4 Men. If guys in tight and stretchy spandex is your thing you can do worse than get along to this Spandex site which features some great shots of guys bulging in tight spandex gear and getting out of it! Plenty of user submitted pics to keep you entertained!

Used Underwear

We are sometimes asked if we can host items for sale; at the moment this is not a service we offer - however as we find other sites that do then we will bring them to your notice here....

For buyers

The following sites sell used underwear

  1. Duff Smith 73 A former regular on eBay this fit straight footballer got fed up with eBay pulling his listings so is now selling his used gear solely on his own blog pages. A great service, a great guy.
  2. A resurrected site from hot Londoner Domi who is selling some of his personal collection of items (mainly underwear but not only) with a great selection of photos. You can also find him on tumblr and on twitter "@domi_boy90.
  3. This is a relative newcomer of a site where guys from all over the world have opened their own store to sell their used underwear and more.
  4. another personal site of a lad selling his used undergear along with those of some of his mates..He also has a twitter page showing latest additions to his items (and includes some videos of him modelling them). @pants2order
  5. @RatsbuDsPants.The Twitter site of an enterprising young bi-cub who is selling his used underwear.
  6. WornintheUK. This is a site of young and friendly members who are looking to swap or sell their used underwear. It is free to join and create a profile and worth it for the eye candy and free member's video section.
  7. AdpostThere is a shedload of used men's underwear up for grabs on here, some with some great photos of amateur guys showing off in their kit. See also the Adpost gallery on our site.
  8. UsedMensBoxers. This site is NOW CLOSED - domain is for sale.
  9. Ruggerbear Dave's site for used undergear, boxers, and sportswear. Recently modified and now requires (free) sign up to access his 'shop'. If you want to buy used gear he has a great collection of gear and self-pics of him modeling it. He also advertises on adpost as 'tucker2'
  10. Tucksusedmenunderwear - A Tumblr site by 23 year old lad which is packed with self-pics in underwear he is selling (some nudity/cum shots). NOTE It's not been updated since March 2015
  11. Scallypants - A scally lad selling used underwear and socks. Some he claims to have found, most are his own. Check it out!

For sellers

The following sites let you list your undies for sale

  1. This is a relative newcomer of a site where guys can open their own shop and sell their used underwear, toys and more. It's free to register and be a shop owner. It's also free to list your items and the site only takes a commission on any sales.
  2. WornintheUK. This is site of young and friendly members who are looking to swap or sell their used underwear. It is free to join and create a profile and worth it for the eye candy and free member's video section.
  3. Adpost. Kinda like gumtree with less stringent restrictions on what you can and can't list. Set up your own Adpost account and start listing your kit with raunchy photos - they don't seem to mind!
  4. UsedMensBoxers. Launched in Feb 17 but is NOW CLOSED. Domain is for sale.

Flickr favourites...

We follow a few photostreams on Flickr. They have amateur guy's bulges in them.... take a look at the ones we like; we think you will enjoy them too!

  • Mark Maciel - professional photographer of (mainly) Triathlon events - unprecedented high-quality images of competitors in tight lycra.
  • Underwear Tom - a lad who likes to pose in a variety of underwear - usually erect. A great, if limited, collection.
  • themaleman - an amateur guy with a great selection of self-pics on his photostream
  • edalboy - a collection of self-pics in underwear and some erection shots (nudity)
  • ng205 - a collection of self-pics in thongs and swimwear and some erect shots (no nudity)
  • bnicholos - many self-pics in underwear - many 'tightywhities (nudity/cum shots)
  • gearjockoh- a lycra fan with many cycling short and underwear self-pics (some nudity/cum shots).

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